The Water Man

The Water Man 2021 : Release Date : Cast !!!

Netflix release his upcoming adventures, horror and drama film The Water Man trailer on his YouTube channel. In this film trailer you saw one Gunner family shift in new city. In this city some people told him about The Water Man. The Water Man is real and he still living in the lake searching the water and the woods for his wife, so he could bring her back from the dead.  Amos Boone the father of Gunner feel the town is so weird and told his wife (Mary Boone) she told him it’s just different than where we used to. Amos Boone say real different. Gunner want to fing Water Man. Gunner mom has some disease that’s why his father stressed about his mom.

In this town there is an girl (JO)who also want to find water man. She always thought the water man something grown-ups told kids to keep them from sneaking off into the woods. No one knows where to find him. No one except me. Gunner read some books about water man to find him the book’s says he’s immortal. They need to know more about it.

Jo and Gunner meet and plan to find together water man. Gunner meet Jim Bussey for know about water man and its real or not. Jim told him he’s alive in forest but they don’t know excet location where he’s live. But there is no chance to escape from here. Gunner and Jo go to find water man. Gunner leave a letter in home and told i’ll go to find water man. Amos Boone after reading this letter they also go to safe his son from water man.

Release Date…..

This amazing film premiere on 09 July 2021 only on Netflix.


  • Lonnie Chavis as a Gunner.
  • David Oyelowo as a Amos Boone.
  • Rosario Dawson as a Mary Boone.
  • Amiah Miller as a Jo.
  • Maria Bello as a Sheriff Goodwin.
  • Alfred Molina as a Jim Bussey.
  • John Henry Whitaker as a Chuck.
  • Holden Goyette as a Animated Boy.
  • Ted Rooney as a Edward Schaal.
  • Chel White as a Animated Undertaker.
  • Mark Lavell as a Funeral Guest.
  • Daniel Vasic as a Sheriff.