The Naked Director Season 2

The Naked Director Season 2 : Release Date : Cast !!!

The Naked Director Season 2 trailer is release on Netflix. This series 2 second almost come after 2 years. This series you saw lots of ups and down in life of Kawada. This hole series about a life of Kawada. In this series trailer you saw Kawada investing in satellite TV. Kawada think they saw people adult videos on TV. Kawada has lots of actress and actors who play this type of role.

There is one rule of life when you do something to become successful. Their is lots of problems come to stop you and you face it all exactly this is with Kawada too. In Kawada life one problem come in this trailer you see its problem. Kawada employee say are satellite go offline next month because of money. Kawada does’nt have enough money to pay satellite company. Then Kawada lend money from different different peoples. Kawada lend money from ganster Yakuza. In series Yakuza one of the most popular gangster in Japan. If you want to see The Naked Director Season 2 trailer you see it below.

Release Date…

This series premiere on 24 June 2021. Finally after very long time this series second season come. This series depend on Kawada life who lives in Japan. The Naked Director Season 2 has 8 episodes each episodes approx 50 minutes.


  • Mitsushima Shinnosuke play role as a Arai Toshi.
  • Tamayama Tetsuji play role as a Kawada Kenji.
  • Morita Misato play role as a Kuroki Kaoru.
  • Kuroki Kaoru play role as a Sahara Kayo.
  • Pierre Taki play role as a Oda.
  • Lily Franky play role as a Takei Michiro.
  • Kunimura Jun play role as a Furuya Iori.
  • Emoto Tokio play role as a Mitamura Kosuke.
  • Ito Sairi play role as a Koseta Junko.
  • Tomite Ami play role as a Naoko.
  • Tsunematsu Yuri play role as a Nogi Mariko.
  • Watanabe Daichi play role as a Komukai Takeshi.
  • MEGUMI play role as a Oba Masumi.
  • Nishiuchi Mariya play role as a Sayaka.
  • Masuda Yuka play role as a Rome Edogawa.
  • Muroi Shigeru play role as a Shigeru.
  • Yoshida Eisaku play role as a Honda Akira.
  • Ihara Tsuyoshi play role as a Unno Koichi.
  • Miyazawa Rie play role as a Takamiya Etsuko.
  • Ishibashi Renji play role as a Watanabe Eiichi.