The Last Mercenary

The Last Mercenary (2021) : Release Date : Cast!!!

Netflix upcoming fully actioned film The Last Mercernary. In this film you saw Van Damme who works a secret service agent in film. Van Damme returns after 25 years in france from retirement. Van Damme son accused of drugs and arms supply his son trafficking by the goverment. In this movie trailer you saw lots of action and drama. In trailer they explain a role of Van Damme he is expert in all of this work like expert in driving, pilot and sharpshooter. Van Damme do anything to safe his son from cops in trailer. France all national security find Van Damme and his son. If you want to watch his trailer then watch it below.

Release Date…

This amazing action film premiere on 30 July 2021 only on Netflix. JCVD post somethind on his instagram i think you watch it then watch it JCVD instagram.


  • Alban Ivanov as a Alexandre.
  • Samir Decazza as a Archibald.
  • Assa Sylla as a Dalila.
  • Eric Judor as a Paul.
  • Miou-Miou as a Marguerite.
  • Patrick Timsit as a Commandant Jouard.
  • Valérie Kaprisky as a Ministre Sivardière.
  • Michel Crémadès as a Fernand.
  • Djimo as a Momo.
  • Aleksey Gorbunov as a Mr. Ivanovich.
  • Mike Gassaway as a Chief Sanders.
  • David Charhon as a Embassy Guard.
  • Joseph Rapp as a BRI officer 1.
  • Melvin Nkosi as a BRI officer 2.
  • Bilal El Atreby as a Tatane.
  • Gaël Guegou as a English homeless.
  • Steven Frebourg as a Police Officer 1.

This characters name not reveal yet.

  • Nassim Lyes.
  • Ouidad Elma.
  • Philippe Morier-Genoud.
  • Fatsah Bouyahmed.
  • Fabien Ara.
  • Zakhar Shadrin.