Sounds Like Love

Sounds Like Love : Release Date : Cast : Plot!!!

Netflix has dropped the secret of its forthcoming Spanish romantic comedy ‘Sounds Like Love’ (‘Fumios Canciones’) and this present one resembles ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ meets ‘Fleabag’. ‘Sounds Like Love’ will debut internationally just on Netflix on 29th September, 2021.

The mystery shows Maca (María Valverde) strolling down the road one evening where she gets welcomed by Leo (Alex González). He further discloses to her how he hasn’t quit considering her. Maca then, at that point turns towards the crowd through the camera and says that if this were a romantic comedy it would begin storming heavily.

Furthermore, that is what occurs! She further says that on the off chance that it’s anything but a romantic comedy she would have hopped in his arms. Netflix’s ‘Sounds Like Love’ follows the narrative of Maca, a 30 years of age lady who is ungainly naturally, benefits as much as possible from life and endeavors to be content. Maca’s ability is squandered functioning as an associate for a harsh and alarming design influencer and she invests her energy with folks with whom she never figures out how to set up an enthusiastic bond.

Release Date…

Netflix reveal the date in Sounds Like Love teaser. The confirmed premiere date is 29 Sep 2021.


  • María Valverde as Maca.
  • Miguel Herrera as Luigi.
  • Susana Abaitua as Adriana.
  • Álex González as Leo.
  • Elisabet Casanovas as Jimena.

Some characters name does’nt reveal yet.

  • Carlo Costanzia.
  • Miguel Herrera.
  • Roger Berruezo.
  • Artur Busquets.
  • Eva Ugarte.
  • Claudia Galan.


All that is by all accounts working out in a good way until the individual, Leo, who made herextremely upset returns. Leo (Álex González), the adoration and greatest slip-up of her life, returns into her life to flip around everything. Maca has attempted to fail to remember him, yet now she needs to acknowledge that he has returned and face the feelings she has banished away to manage the remarkable memory of what might have been and never was.