Sex/Life Netflix 2021 : Release Date : Cast : About & More!!!

The upcoming Netflix arrangement recounts the tale of a lady named Billie Connelly (Shahi) who winds up caught in an affection triangle with her better half, Cooper Connelly (Mike Vogel), and her wild past. Becoming exhausted of her life in suburbia as a housewife, Billie starts journaling and fantasizing about her ex Brad Simon (Adam Demos).

The trailer opens with Billie thinking about how sex affects her. “Want, feeling wanted. Opportunity,” she says, conceding she hasn’t “felt that way” since being with her previous fire Brad.

Release Date…

Netflix released his trailer and reveal date of Sex/Life. The date 25 June 2021 this date they premiere Sex/Life.


  • Sarah Shahi as a Billie Connelly.
  • Mike Vogel as a Cooper Connelly.
  • Adam Demos as a Brad Simon.
  • Margaret Odette as a Sasha Snow.
  • Phoenix Reich as a Hudson.
  • Jonathan Sadowski as a Devon.
  • Li Jun Li as a Francesca.
  • Meghan Heffern as a Caroline.
  • Joyce Rivera as a Olga.
  • Amanda Nestico as a Copper.
  • Lauren Collins as a Ms Brenda.
  • Hannah Galway as a Emily.
  • Graham Parkhurst as a Romy’s Husband.
  • Clint Butler as a Waiter.
  • Jay Chevery as a Romi’s Boyfriend.
  • Sofia Galasso as a Hannah.
  • Bradley Hamilton as a Taye.
  • Samantha Helt as a Gym Attendant.

About & More…

As Billie looks joyfully at her family in the following scene, she announces how much “love” she has for her significant other, Cooper, and says she “can’t envision” her existence without him.

In another scene, she admits to her long-term companion Sasha Snow (Margaret Odette) that she’s “addressing everything” in her marriage. “The sex sucks. The sentiment remainder is nonexistent,” she says. “I’ve been contemplating [Brad].”

Billie starts to feel like her old self when she diaries – yet when her significant other runs over her journal, things get confounded.