Shadow and Bone

Netflix is ​​scheduled to release a series of books by Leigh Bardugo Grishaverse, Shadow and Bone in April 2021 on the world stage. Here’s what we know so far about the first season of Shadow and Bone. A live-action series based on the titles of Leigh Bardugo’s fantasy-adventure series ShadowContinue Reading

Succession Season 3

Third Season Renewal Renewal: The production of a brand new season for the changing comedy series was set to begin in April this year. But because of the outbreak of COVID-19 it changed now it is no longer timeless. In addition, actor Alan Ruck has found that the most anticipatedContinue Reading

Death Note 2

Review of Death Note 2: Death Note is an American superhero movie directed by Adam Wingard and written by Charles & Vlas Parlapanides and Jeremy Slater. The movie revolves around a Tokyo college student named Light Turner, who tries to transform the world into a human society without crime andContinue Reading

Sintonia Season 2

Revival of Season 2 Season: Sintonia is a Brazilian crime drama show. The first season released on Netflix. Now everyone is curious as to whether it will be renewed for season 2? For more information, read this article A little about Syntonia? Sintonia was created by KondZilla, a popular musicContinue Reading

Dead to Me Season 3

If you like the black comedy series then Dead to Me should be on your watch list. Liz Feldman’s black American comedy series has completed two successful seasons. If you’ve ever caught Dead to Me Season 2, you may be wondering what will happen after that exciting cliffhanger. At theContinue Reading

Virgin River

If you have ever seen an American love drama, you know that this program is a complete binge-watch series. For the first time, we see Mel Monroe fleeing Los Angeles to erase her painful memories. She then arrived in the northeastern Virgin River town of Virgin River, to become aContinue Reading