Mortel Season 2

Mortel Season 2 : Release Date : Cast : Plot!!!

Netflix suprised MORTEL fans with his season 2 release date. Mortel season 1 premiere on Nov 2019. Netflix decide to create season 2 of Mortel but they cancel the plan of series. Mortel has very big fan base and lots of people love Mortel season 1. Then Netflix suprised Mortel fans some day ago with Mortel Season 2 trailer. Netflix clarify the release date of Mortel Season 2 on his trailer. If you want to watch his trailer then watch it below.

Release Date…

Mortel Season 2 premiere on 02 July 2021 only on Netflix. Mortel production team take a long time to release his second season.


  • Ryan Cargill as a Kylian.
  • Georgina Elizabeth Okon as a  Elizabeth.
  • Carl Malapa as a Sofiane Kada.
  • Némo Schiffman as a Victor Wanderwelt.
  • Manon Bresch as a Luisa Manjimbe.
  • Corentin Fila as a Obé.
  • Anaïs Thomas as a Audrey Jourdant.
  • Raphaëlle Agogué as a Celine Wanderwelt.
  • Marvin Dubart as a Bastien Duponchel.
  • Léa Léviant as a  Melanie.
  • Assa Sylla as a Nora Cissoko.
  • Firmine Richard as a Elizabeth.
  • Jarrod Pistilli as a Jesse.
  • Katie Anvil Rich as a Melanie.
  • Kit Sheehan as a Audrey Jourdant.
  • Jacob Vigil as a Victor.
  • Stéphane Brel as a Herve.
  • Mohamed Seddiki as a Rodrigue.
  • Jean-Francois Guerlach as a Karim Kada.
  • Lou Lampros as a Juliette Wanderwelt.
  • Soumaye Bocoum as a Kaina.
  • Zoé Héran as a Laurine Pelletier.
  • Kellen Goff as a Rodrique.
  • Régis Marvin Merveille N’Kissi Moggzi as a Hubert.
  • Hugo Dillon as a Thomas.
  • Elvis Pereira as a Lutteur 1.


Mortel seires is an french  series. This series directed by a popular directed (Frédéric Garcia) i think you who is he. In this series you saw three friends Sofiane, Luisa and Victor. There is three friend with three different different thinking and they all are opposite to each others. They use these power to find Reda. Reda is Sofiane brother. Sofiane has power to control people actions and victors has power of read a mind of another persons. In this series Reda has come back and you saw a friednship of three friends.