Matthew Perry is his friend for life, revealed by Matt LeBlanc

Friends star Matt LeBlanc once detailed his enduring bond with co-star Matthew Perry, who played best friends on screen for a decade. Here’s what he said.

3 OCT, Admin : FRIENDS is a television series that holds significant meaning for a wide range of individuals, spanning various age groups. This show has introduced some of the most unforgettable characters in the realm of television, accompanied by an ensemble cast that authentically portrays a cohesive group of friends spending time together.

Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry (source google)

Why does Matt LeBlanc consider Matthew Perry to be his closest friend from the FRIENDS cast?

Despite the show having been off-air for several years, the cast of FRIENDS continues to maintain a strong bond with one another. Among the various relationships depicted on the show, the friendship between Joey and Chandler was particularly heartwarming. As flatmates on the series, they formed an enduring friendship that remained the closest within the group. When considering his closest friend from the FRIENDS cast, Matt LeBlanc regards Matthew Perry as his top choice.

How the bond among FRIENDS cast has evolved since the show ended

The friendship between Joey and Chandler on the iconic television show was truly remarkable, as they stood out as the closest pair of characters who were not romantically involved. This exceptional bond was further strengthened by the genuine closeness between the actors who portrayed these characters. During the TCA press tour in 2016, while promoting his CBS show, Man With A Plan, Matt LeBlanc disclosed that he shares a unique understanding with Matthew Perry.

They possess a “shorthand” that allows them to comprehend each other without the need for explicit communication. This is why, among all the cast members of the 90s sitcom, Matt LeBlanc considers Matthew Perry to be his closest friend. Since the conclusion of FRIENDS, the bond among the cast has evolved. Throughout the nearly decade-long run of the NBC sitcom, the cast spent a significant amount of time together while filming the episodes. Naturally, they developed genuine friendships with one another.

For instance, Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed Rachel Green, became the Godmother to Courtney Cox’s daughter, further exemplifying the depth of their connections. However, as the show came to an end, opportunities for the cast to reunite became scarce. Despite this, their bond has remained intact. Matt LeBlanc revealed that even after not seeing each other for five years, he and Matthew Perry would still effortlessly reconnect and maintain their strong bond. This serves as a testament to the enduring closeness they developed after working together for a decade.

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