Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors : Release Date : Cast : Plot!!!

Tradition Fighters is a hack and cut activity computer game establishment made by Omega Power and Koei. The computer game is a variation of China’s renowned novel Sentiment of the Three Realms, and happens between the finish of the Han Line, the Conflict of the Three Realms, and the development of the Jin Administration.

The computer game has an amazingly enormous list, where in the player will assumes responsibility for China’s generally bright, incredible, and charasmatic people of the period, like Cao, Lu Bu and Zhuge Liang.

The player partakes in noteworthy fights, battling swarms of foes, and experiencing other amazing foe Lieutenants and Officers. Through the force of Musou, the player can annihilate many foes in a moment.

The primary computer game of the arrangement, Line Fighters, was delivered on the PS1 in February 1997, with the latest title of the establishment, Tradition Heroes 9 being delivered on different stages in February 2018.

Release Date…

Dynasty Warriors trailer release on Netflix YouTube channel and they reveal Dynasty Warriors date they premiere on 01 July 2021.


  • Louis Koo as a Lu Bu.
  • Kai Wang as as Cao Cao.
  • Ray Lui as a Yuan Shao.
  • Justing Cheung as Zhand Fei.
  • Carina Lui as a Master of the Sword Forge Castle.
  • Tony Yo-ning Yang as a Liu Bei.
  • Geng Han as Guan Yu.
  • Coulee Nazha as a Diao Chan.
  • Eddie Cheung as a Chen Gong.
  • Suet Lam as a Dong Zhou.
  • Philip Keung as a Zhang Jiao.
  • Jonathan Chee Hynn Wong as a Cao Ren.


The brilliant time of Magnificent China is attracting to an end as defilement, voracity and rebellion has attacked the Han Line. Exploiting the conflict, China is tossed into bedlam when the despot Dong Zhou assumes responsibility for the court, and impact of the Emporer. The developing tumult leads to extraordinary saints and lowlifess from across the land, changing the destiny of China until the end of time.