Among Us

Among Us team annouced his game soon released on PS4 & PS5. Among Us lover very excited to play Among Us in PS. But they add hi 4 more ? and they change some features in PS version. Among Us available on Android, IOS & PC. Then Among Us willContinue Reading

Love And Monster

Are you looking for the perfect combo of drama, action, romance and comedy? Love and Monsters, the Paramount film, will open on Netflix on April 14, 2021. It is everywhere except on Netflix in the US. Love and Monsters is an upcoming teen comedy drama directed by Michael Matthews andContinue Reading

Cars Of Tesla In 2021

Consumers are adamant about introducing the highly hypnotized Tesla to the Indian market. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Roads and Highways of India, has announced that the American company Tesla will sell its cars in India in 2021! Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, also said this in early 2020 on Twitter.Continue Reading