Jupiter Legacy

Netflix release 7 may 2021 his superheroes series which base on comic Jupiter Legacy. Jupiter Legacy trailer was uploaded on 7 April 2021 on Netflix official channel. Which show all heroes power and his son daughter also gain this power by parents but actually they dont know how to useContinue Reading

Among Us

Among Us team annouced his game soon released on PS4 & PS5. Among Us lover very excited to play Among Us in PS. But they add hi 4 more ? and they change some features in PS version. Among Us available on Android, IOS & PC. Then Among Us willContinue Reading

EDEN Netflix Season 1

Netlfix user now that Netflix released his anime EDEN and the time is come soon we see this anime. If you can not watch this trailer still then go watch on Netflix official YouTube Channel. In this Trailer they describe the main part of his story. In future thousand ofContinue Reading