Re: Zero Season 3

The popular isekai anime Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World closes its curtains for its second season on March 24, 2021. Subaru, who usually buys groceries at the beginning of the anime, has traveled a long way to the grocery store to make some purchases. It has beenContinue Reading

Rick and Morty Season 5

Rick and Morty Season 5: Rick and Morty are one of the best hyper-violent science franchises ever created, and fans everywhere are eager for new posts. The interdimensional dynamic duo have endured some incredible adventures since season one, which premiered in 2013, and season four did not disappoint, leaving fifth-halfContinue Reading

Dr. Romantic 2

Dr. Romantic 2 ended on good marks forever, actor Kim Min Jae, who played nurse Park Un Tak in season one and two, shared the opportunity to add another season to the popular drama. Dr. Stone is a 2016 South Korean television drama starring Han Suk-kyu with Yo Yon-seok andContinue Reading

Invincible Season 2

Invincible Season 2: There’s a new superhero on the block, and “Invincible” is all anyone can talk about. On Amazon Prime Video, the superhero animated series Invincible has a big bang in its first episode, and its momentum is recovering from the nearly 20-year-old Robert Kirkman original comic. With soContinue Reading

SK8 The Infinity Episode 12: Developed by Hiroko Utsumi SK8 The Infinity is a lively sports anime. It tells the story of the energetic and lively Kian River and the calm and serious Langa Hasegawa, who becomes her first friend after Reki introduced Langa to skateboarding. Langa, who grew upContinue Reading